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Aestimatio nº 15, 2017


Black-Litterman model with intuitionistic fuzzy posterior return
Echaust, Krzysztof; Piasecki, Krzysztof

The pension system in China: an empirical study of the money’s worth ratio of annuities
Wan, Qingyao; Cheng, Deyi; Niu, Leilei

Using corporate accruals to evaluate management quality: Evidence from Asian countries
Hasan, Md. Shamimul; Omar, Normah; Barnes, Paul; Hassan, ABM Rashedul

The effect of firm size on performance of firms in Nigeria
Olawale, Luqman S.; Ilo, Bamidele M.; Lawal, Fatai K.

Back-propagation artificial neural networks in stock market forecasting. An application to the Warsaw Stock Exchange WIG20
Rajihy, Yasen; Nermend, Kesra; Alsakaa, Akeel

Similarities and differences in the phenomenon of integrity in OECD countries
Filipiak, Beata Zofia; Dylewski, Marek


How MIFID II is changing the landscape of financial advisory in the European Union
Miguez Martín, Sergio

MARF: Alternative source of funding for SMEs in the Portuguese market
Lopes, Andreia; Costa, Carla