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Top Ranked Programme


  • Fully taught in English
  • Highly practical methodology, based on rigorous and up-to-date contents
  • Use of appropriate IT tools: Bloomberg, Factset and Stock Trak
  • Presentation of the Final Project in front of a jury panel
  • The program includes two Academic Stays abroad


  • Give students a broad and professional knowledge of all areas of finance from top business schools
  • Offer a practical and up-to-date point of view for the topics covered in the course through examples of how to apply the theoretical concepts to the day-to-day financial world
  • Prepare students to the working environment through the use of Bloomberg as a primary teaching tool and numerous presentations throughout the degree

Academic Stays*


  • Vision of the future for financial services
  • Venture capital and private equity
  • Private banking: asset allocation and wealth management
  • Using financial information intelligently
  • International cash management
  • Institutional visits in New York City


  • The Global Economy. Macro and micro economic developments and financial markets
  • UK Economy, Brexit and London as Financial centre
  • Fintech, Crypto-currencies and Blockchain
  • ESG developments and implication for financial markets
  • City of London Tour

* Las estancias internacionales son susceptibles de modificación por causas objetivas por parte de la dirección académica de IEB.


The opportunity to study here at IEB has been a very rewarding and valuable experience.It is a combination of the caliber of the professors, students and interactive class sessions and case studies. The professors are highly knowledgeable and experts in their field.
I have also been fortunate to develop strong friendships with classmates while studying which I will continue to value in the future. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning more in depth about the financial markets as well as the business culture of Spain.

Celina Sonnie / USA

Throughout the Master we were taught how to use Bloomberg. It has been a key tool to develop skills and knowledge in order to gain a better understanding of financial markets and provided us with access to an unlimited amount of information to carry out our assignments.

Salma Benabdallah / MOROCCO

What I would highlight about this Master is the hard work. It is based on daily challenges in which we face new circumstances and have to deal with them. It reflects real life in which we must work hard and face different problems, not just academic, but also dealing and working with other people, or even handling new IT programs that are fundamental in finance, such as Bloomberg, Excel, R-Studio, Eviews and even a real life investing portfolio simulator.

I think the main objective of this Master is to prepare us for the real financial world.

Jae Wha Jeong / KOREA

The program structure is excellent as it covers various topics in finance which makes it both very interesting and demanding. The diversity of its students as well as the high quality of its tutors are a huge added value. The program helps open up a wide range of opportunities in the future.

Omar Fahmy / EGYPT
This Master provides a wide and powerful financial knowledge which fuelled my professional career since the very first day. The full time approach submerges the alumni into a hard work high intelligence environment preparing yourself for the real finance world.
Juan José Sanchís / Director para España, Portugal y Andorra de ETF Securities
The Master in international Finance has been the most enriching educational program I have done so far. It has offered me the highest teaching standards through a broad range of proffessionals of the finance world that have provided me with not only a very strong theoretical basis, but also have transmitted me all their experience, in order to enhance my skills to be highly competitive in the finance area. It is also a very remarkable fact the efficiency and the helpfulness of the staff.
Vivek Belani Asnani / Senior Unquoted Risk Analyst at Lombard International Assurance
The opportunity to study here at IEB has been a very rewarding and valuable experience. It is a combination of the caliber of the professors, students and interactive class sessions and case studies. The professors are highly knowledgeable and experts in their field. I have also been fortunate to study and develop strong friendships with classmates whose friendships will continue to value in the future. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning more in depth about the financial markets as well as the business culture of Spain.
Celina Sonnie / Product Marketing, Data Science, Analytics
I had been working in the finance sector for four years before I joined the IEB’s MSc in International Finance program, with the goal to refresh my knowledge and advance my career. And I must say that it was one of my best investments so far. The MSc curriculum had a very good balance between theory and practice and covered broad spectrum of financial topics giving a holistic view on the industry. At the same time, and via the case studies and the development of the final project, the program gave an opportunity to improve the practical skills that were of interests of individual students, in my case it was in the area of financial modelling. Overall it was a great experience that gave me fresh ideas and broadened my perspective. I strongly recommend it for both newly grads as well as professionals with some years of experience.
Sylwia D. Hadaj / Investment Management and Deal Sourcing at Evolution Equity Partners

The Master

The Best Way of Learning

The methodology followed is highly practical, based on rigorous and up-to-date contents. Throughout the Master, students are offered examples of how to apply the theoretical concepts seen in class to the day- to-day financial world. In addition, for each study module, students have to carry out exercises, case studies and a group case presentation relating to the material covered.

Therefore, the theoretical classes will alternate with practical ones in which the students will also use the appropriate IT tools. IEB’s IT room and treasury desk, very similar to those found in any brokerage firm, allows students to put into practice their theoretical knowledge through the use of Bloomberg and real-time trading on IEB’s online portfolio simulation trading platform. Bloomberg is also proactively used by the teachers in class to show examples of the concepts taught.

Another factor that contributes to the practical nature of the Master is the fact that most of the professors are themselves highly respected financial professionals in their area of expertise.

Moreover, the Master aims to promote personal development and teamwork through group exercises, case studies and presentations.

Finally, the technical knowledge required from the students will also be tested throughout the Master via exams, exercises, case studies and research papers. All students are required to complete a compulsory Final Project, which they will be presenting in front of a jury panel, and in which they are expected to put into practice all the knowledge acquired throughout the programme.

  • Introduction to Financial Markets
  • Introduction to Corporate Finance
  • Bloomberg Basics
  • Introduction to Excel
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Statistics Applied to Finance
  • Financial Maths
  • Corporate
  • Credit Risk
  • Corporate Governance
  • Trade Finance
  • Fixed Income
  • Credit Analysis
  • Money Markets
  • Equity Markets
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Introduction to Derivatives Basics
  • Technical Analysis
  • Behavorial Finance
  • M&A
  • International Taxation
  • Corporate Valuation
  • M&A Law
  • Takeovers
  • Other Advanced Derivatives
  • Credit Derivatives
  • FX Derivatives
  • Structured Products
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Financial Sector Valuation. Banks
  • Financial Sector Valuation II-Insurance
  • Project Finance
  • Private Equity
  • Applications of Portfolio Management & Performance
  • Hedge Funds
  • Alternative Investments
  • Wealth Management
  • International Regulation I
  • International Regulation II
  • Digital Banking
  • Blockchain
  • Fintech
  • Origination
  • Advanced Excel
  • Ethics
  • International Negotiation
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Portfolio Management Simulation
  • Bloomberg
* Academic Content is regularly updated

An Outstanding Degree

The qualification obtained at the end of the programme is the Master in International Finance Degree. It is issued by the Academic Board of the IEB.

A diploma will also be issued by IEB’s Partners for each academic stay.


Technology and IT: Highest Standard. The IEB has an IT room and Treasury Desk with 41 computers, of which 14 are Bloomberg Terminals.

There are also several IT posts with broadband WIFI Internet Access and one Bloomberg Terminal in the common areas. All lecture and study rooms have WIFI connection, infrastructure to connect computers and latest generation technology such as video projectors and financial information systems.

 Library and Study Room. The IEB has a Library and Study Room, where students can consult the relevant manuals to widen and consolidate the knowledge gained in class.

The textbooks, found in the library and available exclusively for the students, cover a wide range of topics including Derivatives, Technical and Quantitative Analysis, Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Securities Markets, Corporate Finance, Economics, Law and Emerging Markets. They also cover subjects of general interest within Law and Economics, such as Biographies and Statistics.

Treasury Desk. IEB has an IT room and Treasury Desk, similar to those found in Banks and Brokerage firms. The room has forty one computers and fourteen Bloomberg Terminals, through which students can access real time data and information provided by Bloomberg, Bridge, Visual Trader and Infobolsa.

Through these computers and Bloomberg Terminals students can access all the economic and financial data, as well as news, they need in order to follow financial markets daily, including, equity, fixed income, derivative, currency and money markets.
Many lectures throughout the Master also take place in this room. Professors like to use real-life up-to-date examples in their lectures, to illustrate the theoretical concepts, and to do so they use Bloomberg.

Finally, thanks to this access to real-time data and information, students not only are able to use the latest key information and knowledge for their practical coursework, but also, for the job interviews they start attending towards the end of the Master.

On-line Simulator. Another very attractive aspect of the programme is the ability for the students to use IEB’s Portfolio Management Simulator. The Simulator has access to real-time market data, as it is directly linked to this data via internet. This enables the students to manage and control the risk of the positions within their portfolio in a “real life” setting.

This simulation allows the students to experience hands on what it is like to invest and operate in international financial markets. In order for the students to really benefit and learn from this experience, the simulation is monitored and tutored by professional managers who help students along the way as well as assess their ability to manage the portfolio.

 Career Development Department. The IEB has a career development service which is available to all the students. The service actively seeks job offers, especially from companies with which IEB has signed cooperation agreements or that are partners or sponsors of our Institution.

The IEB has a powerful online tool which allows access through the Institution’s intranet to all the job offers that are regularly input into the system.

This tool also allows users to express their interest in any particular selection process. In addition, the system allows IEB staff to send personalized e-mails to any candidate whose profile matches a specific job offer. More information »

Master and Academic Stays

Master’s tuition fees are 25.800 €, including all necessary paper work, booklists, access to the IEB facilities, general expenses at all academic stays abroad including accommodation and some meals in USA, as specified in each one of the three different dossiers; not including: flight tickets and accommodation in London.

Master’s tuition fee can be paid by single payment or in installments. All payments made by installment will need to follow a calendar that will be pre-agreed and specified on the Admission Certificate.

IEB maintains agreements with various financial entities, from which students can request special financing conditions.

IEB also has a program of scholarships and study grants.

Train with the Leader

  • The Master is aimed at undergraduate students from all fields of study with a good level of English, as well as professionals with no more than four years working experience in finance or looking to change from their current field of work to the world of finance.

All candidates go through several interviews with the members of the Admissions Committee, as well as carrying out several online tests, before being accepted into the programme.

All candidates applying for the Master in International Finance should submit to the Admissions Department a completed in application form as well as provide a copy of their academic qualifications, their identity card or Passport, 4 passport size photos and a brief CV.

Master in International Finance students come from all over the world and all types of academic background. They reflect the very international nature of the Programme.


An Experienced Team:

All of the professors of the Master are highly qualified both professionally and academically. They are high level professionals from the financial sector (directors of securities and brokerage firms, and financial institutions, financial analysts, treasury desk managers, portfolio managers, etc) and they all have hands on experience in their areas of expertise.

All of the professors are also highly qualified academically, many of them hold postgraduate or professional degrees (Masters, Doctorates, CFA, FRM, CAIA, EFA, etc) issued by prestigious universities and / or institutions from around the world. Furthermore, their teaching capacity and ability to transmit knowledge efficiently has been largely proven over the years.

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