Aestimatio nº 14, 2017


Herd behaviour: A survey
Kallinterakis,Vasileios; Gregoriou, Greg N.

On asset managers, hedge funds and ETFs
Camarero Aguilera, Santiago; López Pascual, Joaquín

Evaluating the weak-form efficiency of emerging markets ETFs
Rompotis, Gerasismos

Amortizing loans with random commencement and maturity
Valls Martínez, María del Carmen; Cruz Rambaud, Salvador; Abad Segura, Emilio

The relationship between public and private sector investments in Syria
Adel, Shakeeb Mohsen; Chua, Soo Yean; Che Normee, Che Sab

Dealing with financial fragility in the 21st century: Prudential and monetary policy after the crisis
Shostya, Anna; Palianok,Yuliya

Foreign currency risk management practices in Spanish companies: An empirical analysis
Morales Díaz, José; DelgadoVaquero, David


The use of multivariate discriminant analysis to predict corporate bankruptcy: A review
Peres, Cândido; Antão, Mário