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 Master in International Finance


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Top Ranked Programme- IEB Master in International Finance- MADRID- HONG KONG- PHILADELPHIA- NEW YORK AND LONDON

The globalization set in motion during the last century is consolidating in this 21st century. Financial markets are probably one of the catalysts of this movement and those who work in or with them can vouch for the international nature of their work environment. Professionals who look for achievement and great success in the financial world should, therefore, not only have technical skills, but also a set of skills that can be applied internationally.

The IEB, as leader in financial education in the Spanish-speaking world, offers this Master to those individuals aiming to become international financial leaders in their fields.

The master’s degree has been accredited by the CNMV to advise, as established in MiFID II.

This Programme has held the first position in El Mundo Annual Ranking the last three years.

Academic Stays

The program includes three Academic Stays abroad and offers, at no additional cost, the possibility to prepare the CFA Level I. The program starts in September and lasts 16 months, (10 months of classes and 6 aditional months to prepare and present the Dissertation, at the same time as attending their specialization program and including the London School of Economics Academic Stay) includes a total of 600 lecture hours.

The majority of the program is taught at IEB’s headquarters in Madrid, a city considered as one of the key financial centers in Europe. The Spanish capital, as well as having its own enormous intrinsic strenght and vitality, has the adventage of being Europe’s gateway to the Iber-American world. Today, many of these emerging economies are playing a key role in the International Financial Markets.

In addition, the Master in International Finance’s students in the follow part of their study plan in three of the most prestigious business schools in the world of finance: the London School of Economics (UK), the Wharton School (USA) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (China).

The Academic stays in these world references in financial education and research provides the highest standard of teaching and content and gives an insight into key financial international centers, such as London, New York, Philadelphia and Hong Kong.

The Master is fully taught in English and, as such, all lectures, class discussions, presentations, student-faculty communications, and documentation are in English. This is important as English the main language used in the financial world. The Master in International Finance is the best and most complete Finance Program in Spain.

The Program includes in depth coverage of all fields of finance relevant to today’s financial world. The subjects range from corporate finance and treasury to all financial markets, such as risk management, regulation and ethics.

By covering all fields of finance, students are then able to choose their preferred area, in which they can specialize and develop a professional financial career.


An Experienced Team:

All of the professors of the Master are highly qualified both professionally and academically. They are high level professionals from the financial sector (directors of securities and brokerage firms, and financial institutions, financial analysts, treasury desk managers, portfolio managers, etc) and they all have hands on experience in their areas of expertise.

All of the professors are also highly qualified academically, many of them hold postgraduate or professional degrees (Masters, Doctorates, CFA, FRM, CAIA, EFA, etc) issued by prestigious universities and / or institutions from around the world. Furthermore, their teaching capacity and ability to transmit knowledge efficiently has been largely proven over the years.

This Master provides a wide and powerful financial knowledge which fuelled my professional career since the very first day. The full time approach submerges the alumni into a hard work high intelligence environment preparing yourself for the real finance world.

Juan José Sanchís / Director para España, Portugal y Andorra de ETF Securities

The Master in international Finance has been the most enriching educational program I have done so far. It has offered me the highest teaching standards through a broad range of proffessionals of the finance world that have provided me with not only a very strong theoretical basis, but also have transmitted me all their experience, in order to enhance my skills to be highly competitive in the finance area. It is also a very remarkable fact the efficiency and the helpfulness of the staff.

Vivek Belani Asnani / Senior Unquoted Risk Analyst at Lombard International Assurance

The opportunity to study here at IEB has been a very rewarding and valuable experience.  It is a combination of the caliber of the professors, students and interactive class sessions and case studies. The professors are highly knowledgeable and experts in their field.  I have also been fortunate  to study  and develop strong friendships with classmates whose friendships will continue to value in the future.   I have thoroughly enjoyed learning more in depth about the financial markets as well as the business culture of Spain.

Celina Sonnie / Product Marketing, Data Science, Analytics

I had been working in the finance sector for four years before I joined the IEB’s MSc in International Finance program, with the goal to refresh my knowledge and advance my career. And I must say that it was one of my best investments so far. The MSc curriculum had a very good balance between theory and practice and covered broad spectrum of financial topics giving a holistic view on the industry. At the same time, and via the case studies and the development of the final project, the program gave an opportunity to improve the practical skills that were of interests of individual students, in my case it was in the area of financial modelling. Overall it was a great experience that gave me fresh ideas and broadened my perspective. I strongly recommend it for both newly grads as well as professionals with some years of experience.

Sylwia D. Hadaj / Investment Management and Deal Sourcing at Evolution Equity Partners