Madrid 20 diciembre 2014
Plan de Estudios

El presente índice refleja aquellos conocimientos que no son evaluados por la Certificación CAIA® en ninguno de los dos niveles, ya que CAIA Association asume que dichos conocimientos son “plenamente” conocidos por cada uno de los candidatos que postulan para la mencionada certificación.
En este sentido, el no conocer con la “suficiente” profundidad dichos contenidos, implica que el candidato en cuestión tendría “muy escasas” posibilidades de obtener la Certificación CAIA®.
Part I: Quantitative Analysis
    Topic 1: The Time Value of Money
    Topic 2: Probability Distributions, Sampling, and Hypothesis Testing
    Topic 3: Correlation, Regression, and Time Series Analysis
    Topic 4: Portfolio Concepts
Part II: Markets, Instruments, Valuation, and Investment Theory
    Topic 5: Markets and Instruments
    Topic 6: Fixed Income Securities
    Topic 7: Equity Securities
    Topic 8: The Basic Relationship between Risk and Return
    Topic 9: Market Efficiency
    Topic 10: Applied Portfolio Management
    Topic 11: Options and the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model
    Topic 12: Other Derivatives and Market Strategies

Topic 1: Professional Standards and Ethics
    CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct (Standards I and II)
    CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct (Standards III and IV)
    CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct (Standards V and VI)
Topic 2: Alpha Drivers and Beta Drivers
    What is an Alternative Asset Class?
    Why Alternative Asset Classes are Important: Beta Drivers and Alpha Drivers
    The Beta Continuum
    Alpha vs Beta Separation in the Asset Management Industry
    The Calculus of Active Management
Topic 3: Real Estate
    Real Estate Investment Trusts
    Introduction to NCREIF
    Real Estate as an Investment
    Core, Value Added, and Opportunistic Real Estate
Topic 4: Hedge Funds
    Introduction to Hedge Funds
    Establishing a Hedge Fund Program
    Due Diligence for Hedge Fund Managers
    Risk Management
    Hedge Fund Benchmarks and Asset Allocation
    Hedge Fund Incentive Fees and the "Free Option"
    Hedge Fund Collapses
Topic 5: Commodities and Managed Futures
    Introduction to Commodity Markets
    Investing in Commodity Futures
    Commodity Futures in a Portfolio Context
    Managed Futures
Topic 6: Private Equity
    Introduction to Venture Capital
    Introduction of Leveraged Buyouts
    Debt as Private Equity Part I: Mezzanine Debt
    Debt as Private Equity Part II: Distressed Debt
    Trends in Private Equity
    The Economics of Private Equity
Topic 7: Credit Derivatives
    Introduction to Structured Products
    March 2010 Level I Study Guide 7
    Collateralized Debt Obligations
    Risks and New Developments in Structured Products

Topic 1: Professional Standards and Ethics
    CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct
Topic 2: Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds
    Private Equity Market Landscape
    Routes Into Private Equity
    Private Equity Funds Structure
    The Investment Process
    Private Equity Portfolio Design
    Private Equity Fund Manager Selection
    Benchmarking in the Private Equity World
    Monitoring Private Equity Investments
    Private Equity Fund Valuation
    Private Equity Fund Discount Rate
    The Management of Liquidity
    The IRR
    Distribution Waterfall
    What Drives PE? Analyses of Success Factors for PE Funds
Topic 3: Commodities
    Key Concepts in Commodity Market Analysis
    Role of Commodities in Asset Allocation
    Methods of Delivering Long Commodity Exposure
    Methods of Delivering Commodity Alpha
    Commodity Indexes
    Investment Vehicles and Asset Allocation
    The Oil Markets: Let the Data Speak for Itself
Topic 4: Managed Futures
    Managed Futures Industry Development and Regulation
    Managed Futures Strategies
    Risk and Performance Measurement in Managed Futures Strategies
    Benchmarking and Investment Products
    Investment Analysis in Managed Futures
    Do Professional Currency Managers Beat the Benchmark?
Topic 5: Real Estate
    Real Estate Investments
    Real Estate Indices
    Real Estate Equity Valuation
    Real Estate Investment Risks and Due Diligence
    Residential and Commercial Mortgages
    Mortgage Backed Securities
    Real Estate and Asset Allocation
    March 2010 Level II Study Guide 9
    Alternative Real Estate Investment Vehicles
    Real Estate Development
    Assessing and Managing Risk in Institutional Real Estate Investment
    Risks, Returns, and Correlations for Global Private Real Estate Markets
Topic 6: Hedge Funds
    Convertible Arbitrage
    Global Macro
    Equity Long/Short
    Fund of Hedge Funds and Investible Indices
    Strategy Specific Due Diligence
    Operational Risk
    Hedge Fund Investing in Distressed Securities
    Are Funds of Funds Simply Multi-Strategy Managers with Extra Fees
    Hedge Fund Investing: A Quantitative Approach to Hedge Fund Manager
    Selection and De-Selection
Topic 7: Structured Products, New Products and New Strategies
    Performance Characteristics of Infrastructure Investments
    Coping with Climate Change
    Passive Hedge Fund Replication: A Critical Assessment of Existing Techniques
    The Convergence of Private Equity and Hedge Funds
    Credit Derivatives
Topic 8: Asset Allocation
    Dynamic Strategies for Asset Allocation
    Beyond Markowitz: A Comprehensive Wealth Allocation Framework for
    Individual Investors
    The Strategic and Tactical Value of Commodity Futures
    Global Commercial Real Estate
Topic 9: Current Topics
    Amaranth Lessons Thus Far
    What Happened To The Quants In August 2007
    The Subprime Credit Crisis of 2007
Topic 10: Portfolio and Risk Management
    Tail Risk Management
    Taming Global Village Risk
    Portfolio Management with Illiquid Investments
    Risk Management by Philip Jorion
Topic 11: Research Issues in Alternative Investments
    Facts and Fantasies about Commodity Futures
    Smoothing and Implications for Asset Allocation Choices
    Hedge Funds: An Industry in Its Adolescence
    How Good are Private Equity Returns?

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