Summer Courses

The IEB, through its summer courses , allows students to obtain the university qualification of “Specialist” in different fields of the financial area.

The specialisation implies reaching a university level qualification that facilitates professional actitivity or its perfectionning in different financial departments related to the subjects taught.

The scope of each one of the programmes –monographic and all in a very specific subject – and the practical nature of the methodology provide students with sound knowledge of the disciplines and assureness when working.

Stock Market Analysis

The main goal of the present programme is to ensure that attendees acquire a high degree of knowledge of the factors affecting evolution of stock markets to be able to undertake by the end of the course correc ...

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Portfolio Management

The main goal of this programme is for the attendee, either a manager or final investor, to acquire a high degree of knowledge of the most advanced portfolio management techniques.The programme kicks off with ...

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International Marketing

The programme aims to train the student so they have a general idea of what International marketing techniques consist of by analysing each one of the steps to be taken when drawing up an optimal business stra ...

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International Trade

The belief exists that only big multinationals may enter the field of International Trade, where variables multiply, the analyses are different and every single action must be measured carefully and objectivel ...

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International Financial Markets

The aim of the course is to provide knowledge for understanding modern finance together with practice in financial instruments. The course could be considered as a first step to get into these markets. Being o ...

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Banking and Finance

The main goal of the programme is for the the student to obtain a high degree of knowledge concerning credit institutions, in particular their organisational aspects, as well as of financial operations and the ...

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